Replacement Still Camera Bolt Kit

Replacement Still Camera Bolt Kit

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This kit contains the four mounting screws and flat slab nut. It also contains the specially turned camera mount bolt.

The mounting hardware components may be purchased directly from your local hardware store or McMaster-Carr:

18-8 SS Flat Head Phillips Machine Screw 8-32 Thread, 3/8"" Length McMaster-Carr PN: 91771A192

Plain Steel Slab-Base Weld Nut 8-32 Screw Size, 23/32"" L Base, 1/4"" Barrel Height McMaster-Carr PN: 90594A009

The Camera bolt is specialy turned so that it stays with the camera mount plate. So that all threads are usable, Schumacher has also removed the chamber and cut it to the exact depth of your camera.

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