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The HYPOXIC Kraken system allows military customers to add full “comms” to a Cookie full faced helmet. This all-in-one rugged assembly incorporates volume controlled in-ears with backup speakers as well as a noise-cancelling microphone. In the heart of the system is a small, snag-resistant, custom-molded console that gets affixed to the jaw line of the helmet. The console houses the in-ears connector and volume control as well as provides the breakout cables to the rest of the system. It easily bonds to the helmet with 3M Very High Bond (VHB) tape.

The speakers are installed by placing a slit in each dytter pocket. The over-molded speaker assemblies then get placed into the pocket and mate with the rest of the system.

The low impedance moving coil microphone (M-169/AIC) simply screws through the existing vent and can be positioned at the user’s mouth upon donning the helmet. It connects to the rest of the system by a MP101 connector. An exclusive wind damping "dead cat" microphone cover is included to minimize wind noise. A foam pad comes with the kit to cover the vent to further reduce noise. 

A piece of velcro affixes the U-174 connector to the side of the helmet and provides ample strain relief. With just a small screwdriver and an x-acto knife, a Cookie G3 can have full comms mounted and tested in under 10 minutes.

We can provide Cookie Composites G3 Helmets pre-installed with Kraken. Simply add them to your order with install. 

Current 8-12 weeks lead time

USA Military Specification - 9.5-ohm total earphone impedance. Microphone is a 5-ohm dynamic microphone. USA U174/U NATO plug.

All final assemblies are built in the USA by HYPOXIC which is a small business based out of Chandler, Arizona. 

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(Product may differ slightly from photos - Cable is now longer & Lower profile Ear Cups )

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