Articulating Ringsight Bracket

Articulating Ringsight Bracket

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The articulating ring sight mount allows for the eyesight to be mounted on helmets without a forehead area. By allowing the sight to move 90 degrees, this bracket can be mounted to get the sight out of the way when putting on the camera helmet and before landing. It's a must for swoopers! Providing a level of safety, the three nylon mounting screws allow for the eyesight to "breakaway" in case of an entanglement. DO NOT REPLACE these with metal screws. This kit comes with nylon screws and they should NOT be replaced with metal ones! The post should be cut to minimize snagging points. This is for 1/4" post applications but can be used with the 6mm to 1/4inch swivel clamp adapter to convert to European sights.

Installation Instructions

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