(Last One) CNC Aluminium Metal Skeleton Rugged Frame Protective Housing for GoPro Hero4

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This awesome aluminum mount is a great alternative for the plastic GoPro Frame. It holds the camera snug and allows for ease swap of the card and charging of the camera all while still installed on the helmet. A simple side screw holds the camera in place and few turns allows for its release. This rugged frame will protect your GoPro from hard hits on the door and has smooth edges to keep lines away. 
  • New CNC Aluminum Skeleton Rugged Cage Protective Housing Case for: GoPro Hero4 Silver / Black
  • 100% Compatible with original manufacturer equipment.
  • Aluminum alloy CNC. Extremely rugged.
  • Can be mount and compatible on helmet, bicycles, chest strap, head strap and other GoPro Camera accessories.
  • 1/4 inch screw hole, compatible with any tripod/monopod. It can be mounted on UV lens, filter lens, polarizing lens of diameter 37mm.

We're now offering a modification to our customers who want the sleekest mount out there.

Skydiver Modified GoPro Case
Thumbscrew is replaced with a set screw

We've not only replaced the thumb screw with a set screw, but we've tapped the opposite side. By placing a nylon screw here, we've dramatically tightened up the mount. This has the added benefit of providing easy access when a still camera is mounted to the right. Order the Skydiver Mod if you want this conversion.

Other side is tapped and nylon set screw is added. Comes with 1/8" allen wrench to leave in your helmet's liner. 

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