HYPEYE D 2011+

(Discontinued) HYPEYE D 2011+

  • 9900


Due to Sony no longer using the AV/R port or protocol, we no longer produce the HYPEYE D 2011+. We have a limited stock currently.


In 2011 Sony rewrote the AV/R protocol so it misinterprets the mode setting command. Because of this, the HYPEYE D PRO will not focus through a wide angle lens. In response, HYPOXIC created a special HYPEYE that is slightly limited from the other HYPEYE D PROs but provides the same basic functionality. In addition, their new lineup will not allow the camera to turn on with the display closed (the yellow light may blink). Therefore, on most of these cameras you must have the display open and flipped onto the case for it to work properly. For specific cameras and more information about this bug please see our compatibility page.


  • 500mm 'D' cable standard version.
  • Push button to power on/off and start/stop recording
  • Debrief jack for non-intrusive video viewing
  • Push button protection against accidental activation
  • Nylon threaded mounting hole
  • Still photo recording with the addition of the HYPEYE D PRO Expansion or HYPEYE D PRO Photo Kit
  • Full capabilities of the HYPEYE D PRO Expansion Kit

    No longer available

    • Adjustable LED brightness
    • Zoom Memory
    • External audio sourcing
    • Mode switching and locking
    • Distinction between photo and playback mode

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