(Discontinued) Night Vision GoPro HERO4 (High-Contrast Infrared) by HYPOXIC

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Discontinued. Please order the HERO5 IR Camera instead.
Built to Order - Please contact us for your cost

Designed for Military Free Fall Instructors, this GoPro HERO4 Silver has been modified both physically and internally to support their rigorous nigh time requirements. The lens' FOV has been narrowed from 120° to 60° and has the IR cutoff filter removed. The GoPro HERO4 image encoder has been tweaked in software for highest contrast possible and will produce a gray scale image. Unlike most IR solutions, this will not create a purple image. 

An external IR LED source is suggested but have had good experiences with "Streamlight Super Tac C4 LED Flashlight w/ Infrared LED, Blister Pack 88704." 

NOTE: White LED Torches will NOT pass infrared light! Either an incandescent torch with an infrared filter must be used or a pure IR LED torch. Both 850nm and 940nm torches have been tested with great results.

Quick Sample Video. Skydiving Examples to follow. No Light, illuminated with 940nm LED.

Suggested Settings
For your particular application, some of the camera’s settings may need to be adjusted. They all can be accessed by pressing the side button of the GoPro HERO4 or unlocking the back screen.
Standard Settings
Resolution / FPS : Your choice for your computer & TV. 1080@60fps is default.
FOV: The modified lens now has a FOV to 60 degrees from 120 degrees from the stock lens.
Low Light Active: Will only be available above 30fps. This function slows down frame rate to increase exposure. We suggest this on.
Spot: Off unless you are using a super bright light and need to expose to the center.
Advance Settings
Protune: On | Color:  Flat  | ISO: 6400 | Sharpness : Low | EV: Adjust for your torch
Discontinued. Please order the HERO5 IR Camera instead.

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