(Discontinued) Samsung NX1000, NX20, NX210 2.5mm adapter

  • 7900

This adapter is for the Samsung NX1000, NX20, and NX210 cameras. It allows the user to connect a standard focus / shutter 2.5mm jack to the Samsung USB port to remote fire the camera. Great for controlling the Samsung with a Pocket Wizard, existing 2.5mm shutter release, or a tongue/bite switch. Also works well for connecting an 2.5mm intervalometer (time lapse controller) to this tiny mirror-less camera.  

Notes about using this camera with an external switch:

  • These adapters have the focus pin floating as if they are connected they prevent the adapter from working correctly with some skydiving switches. The camera still autofocuses. If you are using this for other uses than skydiving please let us know before ordering!
  • Change the auto off time out to something more than 1 minute. The display can turn off after 30seconds
  • Fire the camera once in the plane or on the step to wake up the camera from having the display off. This may not fire at first press, so prearm it if you hold down on exit. Making the display not turn off also prevents you from needing to do this primer.
  • Change the camera to continuous auto focus or manual focus. Also set it to continuous high speed if you wish but remember it does take some time to write the 8 frames into the buffer

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