Turned On by Hypoxic for GoPro Cameras

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Finally: know what your GoPro Camera is doing at all times!

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Turned On by HYPOXIC, the first true hard-wired status indicator for extreme sports, tells you the exact status of your GoPro Camera while it’s mounted on your head. Its ultra-bright LEDs shine unmistakably in your peripheral vision: blue for “standby,” red for “record” and yellow for “warning/error.”

The Turned On device gets your mind back in the game -- and off your helmet-mounted GOPRO® HERO3, HERO3+ and HERO4. As you know, optimal performance in extreme sports requires an absolutely clear head (and nothing good can happen when personal safety takes a backseat to a blinking light).

GoPro status indicator has warnings and better constructed LED unlike GoHawk


  • In-your-face indication - Keep your eyes on the action -- and finally stop worrying about your camera. Turned On uses a super-bright, three-color LED indicator, which shines blue for “standby/ready,” red for “record” and yellow for “warning/error.”
  • Preemptively indicates problems -  A blinking yellow light warns you before problems become disasters. You’ll never again be caught off-guard by the four most common errors: the wrong mode, a low battery, low memory card space, and high camera temperatures.
  • Eliminates frustrating surprises - Missing card? Accidentally left the camera in “settings” mode? A solid yellow LED lights up when recording is not possible, so you won’t miss the shot.
  • Built to last - Turned On’s adjustable, rubberized display, and ABS encased electronics were designed specifically for extreme sports, by professional extreme sports cameramen.
  • Custom back seals and protects - The polycarbonate, water-resistant back keeps the camera secure and dry.
  • Sips power - Turned On’s highly efficient design uses minimal power from the camera -- and only does so when it’s powered on. The Turned On accessory never needs to be charged. It’s always on standby, ready for the action!
  • Hardwired, for your peace of mind - Turned On’s hardwired design takes away the nagging worry of interference (or Wi-Fi dropouts).

  • Compatibility

    The electronics are the same in both versions of Turned On by HYPOXIC. The backs are tailored to your particular case. 

    • GoPro HERO4 Black and Silver - (Turned On H3+/H4)
    • GoPro HERO3+ Black and Silver - (Turned On H3+/H4)
    • GoPro HERO3 Black and Silver - (Turned On H3 Case)

    Where can I find more information?

    The Turned On Website and Support Page



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