Permanent Mount for GoPro Cameras

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This billet aluminum mount is perfect for most professional skydivers. It's a bit extended than other similar mounts for supporting the addition of a back accessory. Even with this, it is still fairly low profile, lightweight, and allows the camera to swing even below the mounting surface. Best of all it is threaded so no need for the acorn nut! Please use this with a quick release system and will all skydiving gear, get proper training! Fully anodized, 6061 Aircraft Grade, weighs: .35 ounces (10grams) measures: 1.5" X 5/8" X 7/8"
Hole Spacing: 1.25"

NOTE: Some of the images show bolts and nuts. The actual item is threaded like the main product image!


  • Permanent Mount for GoPro Cameras
  • 2 8/32" - 3/8" Socket Cap Screws 
  • M5 X 16  Low-Profile Socket Head Screw
  • 3mm L Key Allen Wrench
  • 3/32" L Key Allen Wrench

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Below are some comparisons of this mount vs. the old Low Profile Permanent Mount

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