With an extensive electrical engineering background combined with a million dollars worth of tools, CAD know-how, and years of extreme sports experience, HYPOXIC is ready to innovate for your exact needs. 


    GoPro Camera Specialist

    Nvidia Rule the Living Room | Making of Rule the Living Room
    Korea Top Gear Car Goes Skydiving 
    GoPro Slip n' Swoop Skydiving Video 
    Joe Jennings Skydiving Bathroom Drop
    Joe Jennings Skydiving Poker Tables
    Parachute on Fire

    GoPro Camera Firmware Solutions

    Turned On Indicator and remote trigger
    Custom Y'UV matrices
    Calibration tweaking
    Back connector development with external power on firmware modification
    Custom Scripting for the GoPro HERO4

    GoPro Camera Hardware

    Custom Interfacing Products
    Lens and camera repair

    GoPro Camera Mechanical Solutions

    Custom machined aluminum parts
    Custom enclosures and mounts (ABS, Resin, Aluminum, or 3d Printed)


    Nightvision IR GoPro Mod with High-contrast firmware
    Kraken by HYPOXIC Comms system
    Debriefing Solutions

    Embedded Development

    Microchip Expert (Developed programmers for mchp for 8 years)
    Production testers and programmers based upon Raspberry Pi
    Embedded ARM, microchip, and Intel development and reverse engineering
    Hardware design with domestic and international manufacturing

    GoPro Camera Production Specialist

    Hypoxic's freefall gopro setup for Nvidia Rule the Living Room
    Do you have a full production where you absolutely need to get the POV shot? Then you need HYPOXIC on staff!
    We know how to mount GoPro Cameras in extreme conditions to capture the best shots possible. Expecting cameras to crash? We have specialty tools to recover the footage shall a camera meet its fate.
    Need special mounts or software tweaks? HYPOXIC hacks GoPro Cameras daily so our software and mechanical background is key during fast pace, specialty productions!
    Joe Jennings Rules the Living Room
    We have thousands of skydives under our belt and numerous stunt projects so we are used to high stress, last minute, situations. 
    Hiding GoPros on Nvidia's Set
    Nvidia used Hypoxic for their Rule the Living Room project where we had up to 20 GoPro Cameras rolling on a single stunt. Check out the final results and count all the angles we added!

    Trunk on the couch during the Nvidia Rule the Living Room Commercial

    Hypoxic Products