About Us

If you’ve ever been on a jump plane -- even just once for a tandem skydive -- you’ve seen a Hypoxic sticker. There’s a good reason for that: Hypoxic is the #1 source for all things “camera” in the world of freefall and human-flight sports, and the innovations keep coming.

Hypoxic was started in 2006 by Mark 'Trunk' Kirschenbaum to help extreme sports athletes take the perfect picture -- and grab the very awesomest video. Hypoxic innovates rugged, high-technology gear that meets the exacting image-capture challenges we face in skydiving, at BASE exits, on paragliding launches, and anywhere else that footage can get gnarly.

Hypoxic’s first product was the Hypeye D Pro, an industry-changing video controller and indication system. Initially sold over boogie beers under the awning of a 5th-wheel RV, the Hypeye quickly became the gold standard in the field of skydiving videography -- and an absolute necessity for professional camera jumpers worldwide.

Hypoxic’s latest contribution to extreme sports photography is the Turned On device. The world’s first true visual status indicator for the GoPro line of sports cameras, Turned On delivers industry-first functionality in a clever, intuitive, robust package (and eliminates the “is it on?!” question once and for all).

In addition to Turned On and the Hypeye, Hypoxic also manufactures several mechanical solutions: camera plates, GoPro Camera Mounts, GoPro Camera Wrenches, still camera adapaters, Sony camera adapters, and optical indicators for L&B's line of skydiving products. Hypoxic is also the manufacturer and distributor for Brent Finley's ringsights, and works closely with legendary freefall photographer Terry Schumacher to create his mounts and accessories.

Hypoxic is based out of Chandler, AZ. The Hypoxic core team can often be found at nearby Skydive Arizona in Eloy on the weekends: either at the DZ, The Bent Prop or at the Hypoxic trailer.


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