Conceptus Brand Limited Warranty

Our switches have been designed, tested, and manufactured to meet the demands of freefall photographers. The Get Hypoxic LLC's Conceptus brand warranty is designed to cover fabrication errors, the kind of thing that will occur almost immediately or within the first 5-10 jumps and maximum of 6-months. The warranty does not apply when use is not as directed or when the switch has simply worn out. If you are having trouble with your switch, please contact us via the methods listed on the footer. We want you to be satisfied you have received a useful life from your Conceptus switch for the money you have paid.

If your Conceptus switch misfires or fails to operate prematurely, email us an image of the receipt, the failure description, and the image of both sides of the switch. If the RMA is accepted we will need your return address and an image of the switch destroyed. 

Get Hypoxic LLC, CRS Group, and/or Conceptus Inc. cannot be responsible for damage to teeth, tongue, or other oral anatomy and appliances resulting from the use of this device.

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