How to manually update HYPOXIC's BLU2Pro


This procedure will update your BLU2Pro unit to the latest release. This release will still support all cameras from the GoPro HERO5 up to the new GoPro HERO11 Black/Mini.

A dedicated iOS and Android app will be available shortly, but we wanted to provide early adopters a method to update their unit.

Download the updates below and choose your smart device OS to continue. 

Release Notes

v2.06.02 GoPro HERO12 & Beyond Support

  • Fix for GoPro HERO12 not using a delay that was needed for the GoPro HERO11/Mini. Without this fix, connecting to the H12 while it is booting up may corrupt the BLE subsystem. The blue standby LED will be locked in this case. A battery pull is needed to restart the camera if this occurs, powering off will not fix it! 
  • Updated quick discovery method for the HERO12. The new handles are now cached. Future cameras will use the generic discovery method. Connection will longer on the GoPro HERO MAX2.0 and beyond until we post an update to the BLU2Pro. 

v2.06.01 GoPro HERO11 Updates & Speed up

  • Circumventing multiple bugs that exists on GoPro HERO11/Mini firmware. In contact with GoPro Inc. 
  • Connection will be faster for all GoPro Cameras currently shipping. Cache handles versus discover them each connection.
  • Connection sequence streamlined for GoPro HERO8 to HERO11.
  • Using new vendor queue methodology vs homebuilt.
  • Disabled unused notification channels
  • Removed MTU exchange.
  • Updated vendor SDK.

v2.04.01 Race Condition

  • Connection timeout on GoPro HERO11 was the same as BLE subsystem full boot time. May have closed connection during a connect which causes the BLE on the GoPro to crash with latest release. 

v2.04.00 Bug fixes

  • MTU bug with GoPro HERO11 fixed
  • Subscribe to status changes. Decreases latency 

v2.03.03 Bug Fixes

  • Status is now polled from the camera versus at the whim of the camera. 
  • Fixe 2.5mm port start and stopping recording on some cameras
  • Fix Battery level indication
  • Low-level fix with connection sequence. Will become more reliable.  
  • Added LED sequence for slow connecting cameras such as the GoPro HERO[8-9]. You will now see a faster "flash" once we started communication but waiting for status. Remember the HERO8 & 9 take a super long time to bootup from deep sleep. 
  • Various bug fixes with security failing and disconnecting

v2.02.01 Updated HERO11 Support

  • HERO11 Black timelapse error issue
  • HERO11 Mini showing error occasionally
  • Removed slow card from warning detection.

v2.00 HERO11 Support

  • GoPro HERO11 Black and HERO11 Mini Support
  • Faster wake up and more robust connection sequence
  • Once the BLU2Pro is connected to the camera, the respective LED will always remain illuminated. It will cycle brightness to save power, but will never go completely off. 

Necessary Files

Download the files below on your cellphone or smart device for the version you own. See below description for the correct versions. 

Standard Versions (Shipped from Feb 2022 until today)

Alternative Versions (First release in late 2021)


    You downloaded the bootloader (boot or bootnsoft) and the application (app) programs above for the BLU2Pro. We released two different update versions: Standard and Alternative. Alternative units were shipped up to February 2022 and the Standard units shipped from March 2022 until today. The only difference is the way they update. 

    There is no harm in choosing the wrong file. You can not break your unit by choosing the wrong version. 

    Which Version, the easy way

    If you still have the packaging or have the FCC label on the bottom of your device, take a look at the version on the label. If this says V1.01.00 you will be using the alt updates. You'll use the standard for everything else. 

    If you don't have this sticker, you can go by when you received the unit using the below table. 

    If you updated the camera yourself, that is the version you have now. 

     Version Release Date Firmware Need to update bootloader before bootnsoft
    V1.01.00 12/8/2021
    Initial Shipment
    "alt" Yes
    V1.03.00 1/6/2022 standard Yes
    V1.04.00 2/2/2022 standard Yes
    V1.07.00 5/10/2022 standard Yes
    V2.00.00 9/24/2022 standard Yes
    V2.02.01 3/22/2023 standard No
    V2.04.01 6/20/2023 standard No
    V2.06.01 7/29/2023 standard No
    v2.06.02 9/17/2023 standard No


    Until our official app is launched, you can manually update your BLU2Pro on Android using the below tool. Please follow these steps: 

    1. Download all four files from above. Please have a look at the version section if you haven't already. It's super helpful. 
    2. From Google Play install nRF Device Firmware Update (Android) onto your device.

    You'll now be able to connect and reconnect to the GoPro HERO11 Black/Mini. You'll notice the change in the LEDs pattern when connected. 


    Until our official app is launched, you can manually update your BLU2Pro on iOS using the below tool. Please follow these steps:

    1. Download all four files from above. You may have to confirm the download on the bottom of page if using Chrome. Please have a look at the version section if you haven't already. It's super helpful. 
    2. From Google Play install nRF Device Firmware Update (iOS) onto your device.

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