Turned On by HYPOXIC Blue LED Issue

Unfortunately we noticed too late that some GoPros can prematurely burn out blue LED on a Turned On unit while charging. We've pushed a new update that prevents this from occurring, but we understand some people have not performed it yet. In the case that your Blue LED has burnt out, we'll ask these following questions in our email response.

  1. Does the red LED work? If not, please be sure that the unit is firmly seated and you have the latest Turned On modified firmware installed. On old versions of firmware, if the GoPro crashed, it would wipe out our software.
  2. What is the serial number and manufacture date of the unit? These are located on the back of the dongle marked SN and MD sequentially. 
  3. What is your postal mailing address?

Once we get this information, we'll send you a new LED which can be replaced by following the below guide.

With the new LED in hand, you must first remove the cable from the back. To do this please follow the How to Remove the Turned On from the Back Video.

With the bare assembly in hand, flip it over and unscrew the two small screws on the backside.

Next we remove the shell, careful not to lose the screws.

Remove the electronics assembly.

The cable disconnects easily by pulling the connector straight out.

Now simply install the new cable into the connector.

Route the cable and the grommet as so in the housing.

Then close back up the shell.

Now for the tricky part, reinstalling the grommet. We use a warm water trick as shown in this video: How to install Turned On's Grommet.

Finally, test out the unit and you should have a working Blue LED again.

Please be sure you have the latest firmware before you have the chance to burn it out again!

Hint: The current firmware version can be found by looking in the MISC folder. The latest file name is the current Turned On version you're running. It should be version 3.12 or greater for GoPro HERO3/3+ and version 4.15 or later for GoPro HERO4.


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