BLU2Pro User Manual

The BLU2Pro Indicator is intuitive to use and works similarly to Hypoxic's products of past years. Since this device is battery powered and uses BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) for connectivity, some newer status modes exist. 


Quick Start Video 
Device Overview
Camera Status
BLU2Pro States
Waking Up
Shutting Down
Battery Level
2.5mm Accessory Input

Device Overview

  • Device Status Used mainly for setup, this LED is used when pairing, connecting, and shows the battery level when waking up. 
  • Multi-Function Button This button is used to power down the device, pair to a new camera, and enter a firmware update mode if necessary. 
  • Charging Status This LED is only used when an external USB-C cable is attached and shows red for charging and green for finished.
  • 2.5mm Input A standard 2.5mm Canon pinout cable allows this device start and stop recording as well as trigger any other record mode. 
  • USB-C Charging Use your GoPro's USB-C or any USB-C cable to charge the BLU2Pro. 
  • Camera Status The three LEDs show the status of the camera once connected. It is designed to be fished through your camera helmet's liner to be positioned in front of your eye. It also quickly indicates the BLU2Pro's battery level upon waking up. 

Camera Status

Once paired, connected, and awake the indicators are intuitive. 


Camera Status









Yellow Flashing
with Blue or Red

Battery <15%
Card < 3.5Gb
Incorrect Mode 
Card Write Speed Incompatible (HERO10)


0% battery
No card
No space remaining on card
Camera overheated

    Quick Red & Blue

Searching for Camera


BLU2 States

  • Sleep BLU2 will awake with a slight shake.
  • Searching BLU2 will search for several seconds for a paired camera before going back to sleep. 
  • Connected BLU2 will stay on until camera is turns off.
  • Deep Sleep BLU2 requires a button press to wake it up.

Waking Up

Since the BLU2Pro is battery powered, much care has been given to minimizing the power draw while providing a reliable and responsive product. An accelerometer within the BLU2Pro waits for high G's to turn on the device and start searching for the camera. A slight shake or tilt on your helmet is generally enough to wake up the device from sleep. 

Once awake, it will spend a couple seconds searching for a camera before going back to sleep. A quick blue and red led blink signifies the BLU2Pro is searching for a camera. A blue blink on the "Device Status" also indicates it's looking for a paired camera. 

Shutting Down

If the BLU2Pro is going to be traveling or moving around for a while, it's recommended to place the device in a deep sleep. To perform this, simply hold the button until you see Disco-lights and then release. Disco-lights is all the LEDs flashing. This stellar pattern occurs after holding down the button for 3 seconds.  


Pairing is the method to connect the BLU2Pro to your GoPro Camera. During the pairing sequence, the camera also sets the default mode. Therefore the first step is critical.

  1. Turn on the GoPro Camera and ensure the correct mode is active. For most people this will be Video Mode or Timelapse Photo Mode. 
  2. On the GoPro, pull down from the top and choose Connections->Connect New Device->GoPro App or GoPro QuikApp. There is a slight difference between supported cameras so follow the below table if you are having difficulty.
  3. If your BLU2Pro is straight from the factory, the camera status should be flashing yellow and the device status led flashing green. This signifies the BLU2Pro is in pairing mode. If not, hold down the button for seven seconds until the device status flashes green and camera status flashes yellow. Then immediately release the button. 
  4. The camera should now pair. If the BLU2Pro goes to sleep during the paring process, simply shake it to wake it up. 

How To get GoPro Cameras into Pairing Mode

Camera Sequence
  • On the GoPro slide your finger down from top of the screen.
  • Select Connect
  • Select Connect New Device
  • Select GoPro App
GoPro HERO5 Session
  • Turn Camera On using the bottom Mode button
  • Keep clicking the Mode button until you see Connection Settings
  • Press the top Shutter button to select
  • Press Mode to toggle to Connect New Device
  • Press Shutter to select
  • Press Mode to move to the check mark 
  • Press Shutter to select GoPro App
  • On the GoPro slide your finger down from top of the screen.
  • Select Connections
  • Select Connect New Device
  • Select GoPro App
GoPro  HERO7
GoPro Max
  • On the GoPro slide your finger down from top of the screen.
  • Select Preferencs
  • Select Connections
  • Select Connect Device
  • Select GoPro App

GoPro HERO10

  • On the GoPro slide your finger down from top of the screen.
  • Slide to the right
  • Select Connections
  • Select Connect Device
  • Select GoPro Quik App

GoPro HERO11

Units older than

  • On the GoPro slide your finger down from top of the screen.
  • Slide to the right
  • Select Preferences
  • Select Wireless Connections
  • Select Connect Device
  • Select GoPro Quik App


HERO11 Mini

Units older than
  • Press the mode button to power on the camera
  • Press the mode button twice to show preferences
  • Press the shutter button to select
  • Press the shutter button again to show Pairing
  • Press the mode button to select and start the pairing process

GoPro HERO11 Mini Pairing Sequence

IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO DO a 10-second mode button press to fully reboot the camera after a pair.

GoPro HERO12

  • On the GoPro slide your finger down from top of the screen.
  • Slide to the right
  • Select Pair Device
  • It will automatically connect as Quik App 
  • Press the mode button to exit the menu

Simply use your GoPro USB-C cable to charge the BLU2Pro.

Charging will take approximately 2 hours depending on how depleted the battery is when started. Most users will only have to charge once every few months. 

Battery Level

When the BLU2Pro first wakes up, it first blinks a single led color. This color denotes the battery level of the BLU2Pro. 

Camera Status LED Device Status LED Battery State
Blue Green >25%
Yellow Yellow <25%
Red Red Must be charged


Once you've successfully paired the BLU2Pro to your camera now it's time to mount it on your helmet. You will want it mounted somewhere where it can easily be charged and shutdown in case of travel. 

External Mounting

Most will mount the BLU2Pro using VHB Tape to an unused section on their camera plate. If you choose this method, be sure to align the VHB towards the outside of your helmet to minimize any snag hazards. 

Internal Mounting

The device is slightly thicker yet narrower than most audible altimeters. It will fit in most unused audible pockets if the helmet fits loosely. This section will be updated shortly with sample mounting locations. 

LED Display Mounting

Simply route the display underneath the padding of your camera helmet and out the forehead area to be visible by either eye.

Be sure to have the LED side of the display nearest to your eye! (Yes you Wayne!)

Please do not mount the camera status display to your articulating ringsight. This will cause it to prematurely wear out and is not covered by warranty! 

2.5mm Accessory Input

BLU2Pro was designed to allow a standard 2.5mm Canon style remote trigger to activate various controls on the paired camera. Out of the box it triggers recording in the camera's current mode. In the future this may be configurable, especially if GoPro allows for continuous shooting on the newer models. We also kept this functionality as the same hardware can be used with different cameras in the future with a firmware update. 


The BLU2Pro can be updated via an Android or iPhone app that will be released in the future. This may allow features such as configurability and working with other manufacturer's cameras.

In the interim we have a manual method to update your BLU2Pro. It takes a tad more work than our app, but it's available today.

How to update the BLU2Pro Manually.


  • BLU2Pro takes a long time to connect using QuickStart / One-button-mode. 
    Some GoPro cameras use all their processing power when they first turn on and immediately start recording. The camera itself is not fully booted up in this state and it takes a while for the BLE subsystem to initialize. Therefore this is a limitation of the camera. It's suggested to turn the camera on standby when using the BLU2Pro and press record when ready to exit for the best user experience.
    The first connect every day will also take the longest on some cameras. (See below)
  • It takes a long time to connect in the morning. 
    The GoPro goes into a deep sleep after 8 hours of non-use. This is typical and it is suggested to check your setup before loading in the plane each morning.
  • BLU2Pro Blinks red and immediately turns off or does not turn on at all.
    Battery is dead, please recharge before use.
  • The GoPro HERO5, HERO6, or HERO5 Session battery dies quicker when I use BLU2Pro.
    Unlike newer models, these old models kept their WiFi transmitter on when only BLE is needed. This will reduce the longevity slightly. Other cameras will not see much decrease in battery life expectancy. 
  • GoPro Constantly reboots
    There is a bug with some versions of the GoPro firmware that will get the camera into an endless reboot cycle. If you get this error, you'll have to put a factory_reset.txt file on your card to reset the camera's settings. 
    This post can help.
  • GoPro HERO11 Black in Timelapse Mode shows warnings
    Please Update your camera firmware and BLU2Pro firmware
  • GoPro HERO11 Mini shows error occasionally
    Please Update your camera firmware and BLU2Pro firmware
  • GoPro HERO11 Mini or HERO11 Black shows blue LED even though the camera is recording
    There is a bug with these cameras when security fails status is never updated again. Although we reconnect properly, the camera never sends the correct status back to the BLU2Pro. Unfortunately, a battery pull or a 8-second hold on the mode button is needed to fully reboot the camera. 
  • I'm getting an warning, but nothing is wrong
    In earlier firmware releases we warned about a slow write speed card. We no longer warn about this in the latest release. Please buy a correct card or update your BLU2Pro's firmware. 
  • The BLU2Pro does not work with the REVL system
    The REVL QR codes turns off wireless. Please use these QR codes or create a new one without the 'W0' wireless off option.
    HERO9/10 Superview 60FPS HERO11 Superview 60FPS

Power Usage

Great care has been taken to provide the most reliable indicator that does not interfere with the normal operation of your camera. Therefore, great pains have been taken to minimize the power usage of both the camera and the BLU2Pro. 

We painstakingly engineered this battery product to last for months of typical use. We recommend that the device is placed in to deep sleep when being transported. This prevents that "searching for camera" power usage which uses the most power.
The GoPro HERO5 and GoPro HERO5 Session cameras will see quicker battery drain. 

BLU2 Pro Power Usage

Below is the approximations of "days of continuous use" based on full battery with 240mAh charge to 3v cutoff voltage. Values subject to change with firmware updates and part variations. 

 Description Current
Days of 100% usage
before recharging
Deep Sleep - Button Wakeup 0.0029 ma ~3,448 days 
Deep Sleep - Accel. Wakeup 0.006 ma ~1667 days
Searching for Camera 6.4 - 7.46ma ~1.5 - 1.3 days
Connected - Standby 1.5 - 1.68ma ~5.9 days
Connected - Recording 1.7ma ~5.7 days
Connected - Error 1.7ma ~5.8 days
Connected - Warning 1.8 - 2.2ma ~4.5 days


Size 25.4mm x 41.9mm x 15mm (1.6" x 1.39" X  0.59") 
Weight 36 grams (1.3 ounces)
Cable Length 39cm cord + 15cm for gooseneck & led assembly 
Battery 250mah LiPo Charging at 1/2C. 2 hour charge time. 
FCC ID Rev A.3 SQGBL652 Bluetooth 4.2 module
Band 2.402-2.48 GHz 3mW
Range 100 meters
Input USB type C 5V--125mah
Water Resistance The BLU2Pro is not water resistant and should not be submerged


Six-month warranty against manufacturer's defects. Failures caused by misuse such as leaving excessive slack on the cable will not be repaired or replaced. Because of supply chain issues, warrantied devices may take longer than normal to repair or replace.

Quick Start Video


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