HYPEYE ALPHA Status Indicator & Controller for Sony Cameras

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The HYPEYE Alpha is the new indicator and control system for Sony Cameras, Camcorders, and Action Cameras. Essential for professional Skydiving Photographers, the HYPEYE Alpha ensures you always get the shot!


  • In-Your-Face Indication  Keep your eyes on the action -- and finally stop worrying about your camera. HYPEYE Alpha uses a super-bright, three-color LED indicator, which shines blue for “standby/ready,” red for “record” and yellow for “warning/error/focus.”
  • Simple One Button Operation  Power On/Off, Record/Standby from one button.
  • Built-In 2.5mm Jack  Adds still camera focus and shutter release control.
  • Still Image Capture Indication  Add feedback to firing still photos.
  • Standard Form Factor Same body as the HYPEYE D PRO.
  • Hardwired  No WiFi or Bluetooth gimmicks here! You're a professional. You have no time for faulty connection sequences or charging another widget. 
  • Sips Power No noticeable difference in battery longevity. In fact, because of the "reminder," customers will see much better battery life. 



The HYPEYE Alpha is a new electronic design that leverages from earlier products. Due to the super niche nature of this product, and the cost of tooling, we can not afford full volume production. We listened to our core customers and realized they needed an indicator. Therefore we found a way to produce a low volume solution. 

  • Use the plastics from remaining HYPEYE D PRO inventory
  • Manufacturer the Multi/Micro USB cable in house
  • Produce small volume of motherboards
  • Use remaining indicators from the Turned On product

When we sell out of this batch, we may be out forever! 


We are happy to announce the HYPEYE Alpha in limited quantities for select cameras. Please check our compatibility list for supported cameras. 

If your Sony Camera has a port labeled "MULTI", the HYPEYE Alpha will most likely work. "MICRO" labeled ports will not work. 

Please contact us for any cameras we are missing or additions. 

The HYPEYE Alpha comes in two orientations "Standard" and "Flipped" Be sure to order the correct geometry.

If you would just like an indicator, please see the HYPEYE Alpha Mini

Shipping charges will incur for returns due to ordering the wrong version!


Camera Orientation Remarks
FDR-AX33 Flipped
FDR-AX53 Standard


Standard or Flipped

Flip exits the rear on the CX675
Sony CX675 with Hypeye Alpha
Flipped on a CX675 shown

CX430 Flipped

Action Cameras

Camera Orientation Remarks
FDR-X3000 Flipped In Timelapse Mode the camera does not respond with a "I'm recording" so Red LED does not illuminate in this mode.
HDR-AS300 Flipped In Timelapse Mode the camera does not respond with a "I'm recording" so Red LED does not illuminate in this mode.

Still Cameras

Standby may not work with Hypeye Alpha's switch. You may need to manually turn the camera off. 

Camera Orientation Remarks
NEX-3N Standard
a7(r/s) Standard
a7ii Flipped
RX10 Standard
a5000 Standard
a5100 Standard
a6000 Standard
a6300 Flipped
a6500 Flipped
SLT-A58 Standard

The Fine Print

  • The HYPEYE Alpha unfortunately does not indicate some previously critical errors such as no SD Card and early battery low detection. This is out of our control since there is no status from the camera about these faults. It does indicate low battery at 1%. 
  • It does indicates shutter release and focus. It does not indicate that the shot has actually been taken. 
  • Camcorders are fairly slow to capture still images. Typically 1 fps at 3 frame burst, then 5 seconds to write before next capture will take. 
  • On action cameras In timelpase mode the camera does not respond with a "I'm recording" so the Record light will not illuminate in this mode. 
  • When low battery gets sent to the Hypeye Alpha, the camera never sends a status indication again. Once you see a blinking yellow light, the status is unknown from then on.


All HYPEYE Alpha Support including instruction manuals, packaging and usage videos is located on our support page.


Weight: 40g
Dimensions: 19.6mm height (w/ VHB) x 37.7mm diameter
VHB Tape Thickness: 1.5mm
Button Clearance: 15.88mm
Shipping Weight: 86g
Package Size: 17.8 x 11.4 x 2.5cm
LED Cable Total Length: 53cm, 39cm cable
Multi Term Cable Length: 45cm
Current Consumption: On 1.5ma, 11ma max per LED
Compliance: ROHS
Please contact HYPOXIC for proper disposal
Designed and made in the USA

3-Month Limited Warranty. Please see our terms of service.

Hypoxic is not affiliated with Sony or Sony Alpha in anyway. All trademarks are property of their respective owners. 

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