Hypoxic Hypeye Alpha Mini | HYPOXIC HAMI | Status Indicator for Sony Cameras

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Simplistic Status Indicator for Sony Cameras

Finally, a simple external "tally" indication system for Sony Multi/Micro USB based Cameras, Action Cams, and Camcorders. 

Hypeye Alpha Mini's (HAMI) ultra-bright LEDs shine unmistakably in your peripheral vision: blue for “powered on,” red for “record” and yellow for “warning/error.”  The Hypeye Alpha Mini gets your mind back in the game -- and off your helmet-mounted Sony Camera. 


  • In-your-face indication  Keep your eyes on the action -- and finally stop worrying about your camera. HAMI uses a super-bright, three-color LED indicator, which shines blue for “powered on,” red for “record” and yellow for “warning/error.”
  • Built to last  HAMI’s adjustable, rubberized display was designed specifically for extreme sports, by professional extreme sports cameramen.
  • Sips power  HAMI’s highly efficient design uses minimal power from the camera -- and only does so when it’s powered on. The HAMI accessory never needs to be charged. It’s always on standby, ready for the action!
  • Hardwired, for your peace of mind  HAMI’s connected design takes away the nagging worry of interference (or Wi-Fi dropouts).
  • Super Compact 90-degree Connector  The "brains" are located in the compact connector. No external housing! No button to mount! Easy, compact design. 

    The HYPEYE ALPHA MINI (HAMI) works with all Multi/Micro USB based Sony Camcorders. The important indicator here is "Multi." If your camera does not have the words MULTI on the port, it will not work! 

    The electronics are the same in both orientations of the Hypeye Alpha Mini. The plug's orientation is tailored to your particular camera. 

    See our recommended orientations in our Compatibility List on the HYPEYE Alpha Page.

    HYPEYE ALPHA MINI Orientations

    Important Operation Notes

    The HAMI works off of the new Sony Multi Interface. Unlike LANC, or AV/R, this interface does not provide any status on the camera's current state. Errors like card not inserted, formatting errors, wrong mode, etc. will not be shown like in the past. 

    The blue LED is no longer "we are ready to record",
    it's now "we have power."

    Corner Cases

    • Recording ceases due to card error:  Led will change from Red->Blue
    • Battery runs low: Red->Yellow. The camera may still be recording. Unfortunately, the "recording has stopped" feedback is the same as the battery is low. There is no way for the HAMI to discern between these cases. 
    • Card Missing, card in backwards, image database corrupt, etc: LED may be blue on some cameras. 

    LEGAL: This product and/or service is not affiliated with, endorsed by, or in any way associated with Sony Inc. or its products and services. 


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