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Turned On requires software to be installed on your GoPro Camera in order to run properly. 
Download the latest installer to update your camera.


Product Overview
Software Installation
Physically installing Turned On
Physically installing Turned On in the frame
Helmet Installation Guidelines
Using Turned On

Product Overview

 Mechanically there are two versions of Turned On.

 Turned On for GoPro HERO3 version vs HERO3+/H4 version

  • Turned On H3+/H4 -- Designed for use with the GoPro HERO3+ / GoPro HERO4 case.
  • Turned On H3 -- Designed for use with the GoPro HERO3 case.

Software Installation

To use Turned on with the GoPro Camera, you must first run an application which modifies the camera's software before it gets installed. This modification is necessary for the interoperability of our product.

Turned On Installer for Mac

First download Turned On Installer for Mac (Change History)

Now click on the downloaded file within your web browser to run the extractor. It may be on the bottom of your browser or show up on the top right.

Once it has extracted, double click on turnedon icon to start up the installer

 If you're having issues here is an Installation Video

Continue on with the install 

Turned On Installer for PC

First download Turned On Installer for PC (Change History)

You may get a warning from your browser stating: "turnedon_ ... is not commonly downloaded and could be dangerous." If you do, click on the down arrow and choose Keep.

When you run the program, you may bet a warning from Windows. This needs to be circumvented to properly run the program:

  • Windows 8 Run the program. At the "Windows Protected Your PC" warning, click on more info. Then click on "Run Anyway."
  • Windows 7 Run the program. At the "publisher can not be verified" warning choose Run.

At the end, you may get a warning that the program is not properly installed. Just click ignore that message

If you're having issues here is an Installation Video

Continue with GoPro Camera Install

Directly insert your Micro SD card into your computer. You may use any card-style adapter you prefer. 

Installing Turned onor Installing Turned On GoPro Indicator

Within the Turned On Application:

  1. Read and accept the terms of sale
  2. Choose the appropriate camera.
  3. Again read and confirm the warning
  4. Allow the update to download
  5. Allow the modification to be applied
  6. Close the Turned On Application and eject your card

Once completed, insert the Micro SD card back into the camera.
Turned On Install

Allow the camera to update fully. This step takes several minutes.

Once the update has completed, you can install your Turned On device.
Turned On Finished

If you have an older version of Turned On on your GoPro HERO3+ you may see a single reboot after the update is completed. This is completely normal

Physically Installing Turned On

HYPOXIC can not guarantee the water resistance of the Turned On device. Be smart: if you plan on taking a dunk, test the assembly before installing the camera in the housing.


Turned On may not ship with a back seal installed. Be sure to transfer the seal from your original or spare back if you are going into water.

Original Back Removal

Remove the original back by popping it off, straight down.

Seal Transfer

Optional Step:The seal is only needed for wet environments.

Most people have a spare back that they never use. If so, locate your spare back. If not use your current one, and gently remove the existing seal. DO NOT stretch it!

Transfer Seal

Attach Turned On

Now, snap the Turned On device back onto the case.

Be sure to plug the Turned On unit into the camera before closing!!!


ALWAYS pinch the case together, THEN snap the clip.
Not following this procedure will break the locking clip quickly!


Physically Installing Turned On in the frame

Some customers rather use the frame for their applications. To use the frame

  • From the inside of the red back, pop the grommet out of the back using a flat-head screwdriver
  • If you wish, carefully clip off the grommet with a pair of diagonal cutters.
  • Plug the Turned On unit firmly into the GoPro camera.
  • On the frame, slide out the metal retainer clip.
  • Slide the whole assembly into the Frame from the front of the Frame.
  • The Turned On unit must be pressed fully back into the retainer clip. If it is loose, you may have sporadic operation.

Operating Instructions

Turned On is user-friendly and intuitive.

Blue means “standby/ready.”: A blue light signifies that the camera is ready to record.

Red means “record”: A red light shines when the camera is actively capturing video or photos. It may remain active for a moment after recording, during the short time when the files are being written to the card. (This is most apparent in photo burst mode.)

Blinking Yellow means "warning.": A blinking yellow light warns you before problems become disasters. Common indicated problems: the wrong mode, a low battery, low memory card space, high camera temperatures and the imminent expiration of the auto power-off timer.

Solid Yellow means “error.”: This light warns you that the camera will not record. Common errors: the camera is in settings (or playback) mode, the card is missing or corrupted, the camera is switching between modes or the camera is shutting down.


Is Turned On easy to use?

Yes. Using Turned On couldn’t be simpler. Simply plug the device into the back of your GoPro HERO3, 3+ or 4. Its ultra-bright LEDs will shine in your peripheral vision, what’s going on with the camera with crystal clarity: blue for “standby,” red for “record” and yellow for “warning/error.”

How does Turned On indicate errors?

Turned On differentiates between critical errors and non-critical errors. If your camera has a critical error -- the card is missing, the card isn’t formatted or the camera is stuck in settings mode – the device will show a solid yellow light. However, if the error is non-critical – you’re running out of room on the card, your battery is getting low, or your camera is not in the set default mode – the device will flash yellow.

Is it hard to install?

No! Simply click off the existing back door to your camera and click in our custom backdoor. Next, use our intuitive application to install Turned On on your GoPro Camera. Finally, slide Turned On into your GoPro Camera, and you are ready for almost any action sport!

Does Turned On interfere with normal recording?

Nope. To start recording, just press the record button as you always do. If there’s no error, you’ll see the red light and know you’re rolling. Simple. Since the indicator rests at the corner of your eye, you can continuously focus on where you’re going, secure in the knowledge that your camera is functioning properly.

Will it work in any mode?

Your camera will operate normally with Turned On installed. It will still work with the Wi-Fi app and remote. When the unit is removed, GoPro Inc.’s existing backpack products will work as normal.

How does it know I’m in the wrong mode?

Turned On will warn you when you accidentally hit the mode button one too many times and are not in the default “power on” mode. The camera will still record just fine in this mode – but Turned On will make sure you’re aware of the current setting.

Is it waterproof?

Turned On with its custom back was designed to be water-resistant, but is not meant to be submerged once the seal is installed. If you plan on submerging your Turned On device, you must first test all gaskets without the camera installed.

Will Turned On drain my battery even quicker?

Each GoPro model is different, but we took care to be sure that the Turned On devices uses a bare minimum of power during recording. This power use should be essentially unnoticeable. You may see a few seconds' reduction in recording time (a bit longer, if the camera remains in constant standby mode.) With this said, most people record shorter segments while using Turned On which drastically improves the battery life.

How does it really work?

The Turned On device works much like Magic Lantern for Canon Cameras. A small application, which runs in the background, reads the camera’s status and sets the LEDs appropriately.

Does Turned On need batteries?


Does Turned On need to connect to Wi-Fi?


Is Turned On immune to RF interference?


Is Turned On easy to lose?

No. The Turned On device remains fixed to your helmet setup.

Will Turned On work with The Frame?

Yes. In fact: if you’re using The Frame, this unit was designed to suit your needs. (To wit, our test jumpers have been using The Frame during the entire testing process!) You may choose to clip off Turned On's waterproof grommet if you plan on using The Frame all the time; otherwise, just tape the cable down.

Will Turned On stop working when GoPro Inc. releases new updates?

No. HYPOXIC has developed and extensively tested Turned On with all supported cameras and firmware versions, as they are released. Plans are in place to provide updates to future camera releases and implement new features as the product matures.

Can I plug in my other GoPro Camera goodies at the same time?

No. Turned On plugs into the back port on the GoPro Camera. The battery, LCD, touch LCD and Wi-Fi accessories cannot be plugged in the same time.

Why does Turned On flicker when it boots up?

It takes a moment for our software to access the GoPro Camera correctly. During this time the camera is booting up; unfortunately, the software has to wait. (Even when the camera seems to be fully "booted," it's still getting the system squared away.)

Does Turned On work with Cookie Composites Roller Mount?

Yes it does!

Does Turned On redistribute GoPro Inc's Software?

No. Turned On simply adds a small piece of software which runs in the background of the camera. (On the GoPro HERO4 and GoPro HERO3+, Turned On adds a "hook" to their software for interoperability.)

Why does Turned On blink "warning" sometimes and then stop?

The battery remaining percentage on the GoPro camera tends to fluctuate a bit, and is highly dependent on power draw during recording. If you're seeing this, the most likely issue is that your camera is running out of juice.

In video mode, a warning is shown based upon memory space remaining or time left. While recording, one of these must be used; in "standby," the other. This means that there's a moment where the two situations may not overlap. The result: you may see a warning while recording, but not when the GoPro is in standby mode. We'll attempt to clean up this minor disconnect for future releases. For now, don't let it worry you too much.

What specifically causes a warning condition?

Example: the camera is not set to the default "powered on" mode.

  GoPro HERO3/HERO3+ GoPro HERO4
Battery Level <10% <5%
Freespace 500Mb 1.2Gb*
Video Record Time Left 4 min** 4 min**
Photos Remaining 100 100
Auto Power Off Timer <30 sec <30 sec

* Some UHD modes have a 1Gb threshold
**You may get a warning while recording, but not in standby, during these time/memory remaining thresholds.

What GoPro cameras and versions are supported?

Camera Version
GoPro HERO4 Black v5.00.00
GoPro HERO4 Silver v5.00.00
GoPro HERO3+ Black v3.03.00
GoPro HERO3+ Silver v3.02.00
GoPro HERO3 Black v3.00.00
GoPro HERO3 Silver v3.00.00
GoPro HERO3 White, GoPro HERO2, GoPro HERO (New:2014),GoPro HERO+ LCD (2015) GoPro HERO 960, GoPro HERO No Support

Why are the custom back housings so thick? It's just a light!

Turned On's form-factor is the same as all other GoPro Camera Accessories. The .4" thickness of the module was chosen to integrate with both The Frame and the native GoPro backs. To suit this size, the Turned On backs needed to "grow" to accommodate the overall thickness. Also, take note: the Turned On device isn't a simple LED. There are some high-tech electronics stuffed into that little housing.

Company X makes a tally light for cheaper. Why would I pay for Turned On?

Yep. Some there companies make a "Powered On" indicator. However: only Turned On by HYPOXIC shows you the stateof the camera. In the GoPro, there's a forest of error conditions that will cause the camera to not record properly (or to record in the wrong mode). Just knowing that the camera is powered on does not give any worthwhile feedback. Isn't it nice to be warned when the battery is about to die, or the card is almost full, or when the camera is getting too hot? That's what we did for you. (Because we love you.)

With its custom backs, intricate electronics, and multiple levels of software, the Turned On device is a complete manufactured solution. Designed by skydiving photographers for extreme sports, it's the real deal. It's the only solution for serious professionals, and trust us: you're going to agree wholeheartedly after that very first use.

Here is a great comparison video that illustrates the differences. 

What's the warranty for the Turned On device?

Please see our below Terms of Sale for the most up-to-date warranty information.

Possible Issues

Pressing Record no longer shows red with the latest release

Multiple issues made the GoPro crash after being on standby for a while. These are fixed in the latest release as of February 2017. Basically GoPro added some new power saving modes, the MSC mode had a memory leak, and they weren't calling a spinlock in one of their functions. All 3 of them came to head with 4.00-5.00 fw. 

Turned On H3: Why, if I press "record" right after powering on, does Turned On not operate properly?

Please update to the latest release.

Turned On is not working. All I see are flickering lights.

Sounds pretty. Also, it sounds like the Turned On software is missing. Try reinstalling the software

I have a Turned On for the GoPro HERO3 case (H3), but now have a GoPro HERO4. Do I need to buy a new unit?

If you are up for it you can purchase a new back on our website and then install it following the below videos.

I got a Turned On, plugged it in and only the blue light comes on. The red light never comes on. What gives? Is mine defective?

You must install the Turned On software on your camera! See the install instructions for your particular computer.

My Turned On worked for a long time and then all of a sudden it stopped working. What happened?

The GoPro Camera will reformat the internal drive our software lives on after a crash. We have recently stopped using this drive. Please reinstall using the above update and you should never see this again!

I've had Turned On for a while and just updated my GoPro HERO3/HERO3+ with the latest. Now it goes through the led boot up sequence and then goes blank. What should I do?

The software may not of properly erased the old release of Turned On. Please place this file (snuffaluffagus.hypoxic) on the root of your card and power on the camera. Wait 10 seconds and you should see a warning and hear a loud beep that Turned On is uninstalled. This uninstalls the old version. You will now be good to go after the camera restarts. You may need to power cycle your camera once for it to notice the file.

I just installed the latest firmware for my GoPro HERO3+ Silver and now the USB doesn't connect.

Simply reboot the camera for the USB change to take place.

My camera keeps on restarting while trying to install on my GoPro HERO3

Please download the latest installer.

How do I contact HYPOXIC for support?

Email the below address for support. We're here and we're listening, but know this: we are a super-small company, and oftentimes can't answer the phone right away. If you leave a message, we will get back to you as soon as possible (but are a lot faster with emails).

I want to become a dealer of Turned On. How do I go about doing that?

Please email us for our current dealer pricing and terms. Welcome to the party and thanks for your interest!

How to Videos

Installation Video - PC

Installation Video - Mac

Remove the grommet from your Turned On

Re-install the grommet into your Turned On

Remove the water resistant grommet off of the cable

Re-position the grommet onto the cable

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