How to Install a Turned On into a Plastic Helmet

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Below is the recommended method for plastic helmet such as the Cookie G3, Phantom X, or K.I.S.S. We like this method since it allows for quick removal if you are jumping into the wind tunnel. To remove the GoPro / Turned On Combo, it's as easy as pulling out the top pad, and sliding the cable through the hole. It literally takes less than 30 seconds. 

Install a Turned On GoPro Indicator into a G3 Helmet

To Install

  1. Mark directly below the cable's exit on the helmet. Using a nail or a punch, create a divot for the drill bit to sit upon. 
  2. Note the locations of the padding. Remove the head pad and the forehead pad. 
  3. Drill slowly. Shown is a reamer bit. A 3/8 bit is a tad tight, but works well too.
  4. Bevel the edges with a file or a sharp knife. This prevents premature wear on the cable.
    file down the edges
  5. Install the Turned On and remove the excess slack from the windward side of the helmet. We do not want the cable "flapping in the wind"
  6. Place the led in front of your dominate eye. Be sure not to allow the display to scrap against the visor as it will wear off the anti-fog layer if it touches.
  7. Clean out any plastic chips from the padding.

The Johnny Gunn Showing off his Turned On GoPro Indicator

Alternative Methods

James Cook's Turned On Install
Using the GoPro frame, James Cook installs the turned On cleanly re-purposing the grommet into his TonFly helmet.

Through the Vent Install

Through the G3's Vent
Note that the gaffer's tape is needed to seat the cable. We will not warranty the cable if it is allowed to "flap in the wind!"

Over the Lip Install

Buzz and Joy decided to  loop the display cable over the brim of the helmet. The helmet on the left utilizes one of our Permanent GoPro Mounts. The TonFly Shark, utilizes our Extended GoPro Mount and our Aluminium Extension Nub

Please feel free to send us your neat installation!

 See the Turned On Support Page for more guidance.

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