Hypoxic BLU2Pro Indicator for GoPro Cameras

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For the professional cameraflyer, the BLU2Pro takes the guesswork out of the status of your GoPro Camera. Stop relying on others and take control of your livelihood today. 

International buyers please read before purchasing

BLU2Pro Indicator for GoPro Cameras Skydiving

Camera in the wrong mode?
You'll know.

Battery or Card space running low? 
We got that!

Another go around? 
No more second guessing.

How does it work?

Paired over Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) the BLU2Pro regularly receives status updates from the camera and updates it's three LED indicators. GoPro Inc.'s BLE implementation is very reliable. In fact, we found BLE to be more reliable than a hardwired USB-C solution (and we don't break any laws). The BLU2Pro was designed to use very little power, and you will not notice a difference in battery life of your camera.† 


Designed for open face helmets:

 BLU2Pro Indicator for GoPro Cameras


  • Low Power, future compatible, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Camera Indicator
  • Intuitive & Standardized Indications: Red for record, Blue for standby, and Yellow for a warning or error. 
  • Rechargeable battery will last for months on a single charge.
  • A slight shake wakes up the device with it's internal accelerometer. No pressing buttons on the BLU2Pro necessary. 
  • 2.5mm input for future enhancements. Currently a switch will start recording, take a single photo, start burst, or activate time-lapse.
  • Shows catastrophic failures such as no card, camera too hot, no space left, and battery depleted with a flashing yellow. 
  • Indicates wrong mode, battery low, card space minimal, and SD rating check warnings with a flashing yellow when record or standby is active.
  • Responsive connectivity.*  

BLU2Pro in standby

Cameras Supported

GoPro HERO10 Black
GoPro HERO9 Black
GoPro HERO5 Session 
GoPro HERO5  


Reliability was our primary design goal. BLU2Pro units have been in test since early 2021 and have hundreds upon hundreds of jumps under their belt. 

BLU2Pro with GoPro HERO10 Recording

Multi-Function Button

The multi-function button is used to control the Blu2Pro itself. 


  • Put the unit in a deep sleep where the accelerometer will not wake it up. This is good for traveling with your setup.  
  • Pair to a new camera.
  • Update the unit for future firmware updates.


Most cameraflyers will enjoy mounting the BLU2Pro to the top of their helmet and fish the indicator cable through their bite switch cutout. Although slightly fatter than a ditter (15mm vs 12mm), customers may also mount the BLU2Pro in an unused ditter pocket depending on the helmet fit. A piece a VHB tape is provided to affix the BLU2Pro to your helmet. 

Battery Life

Most customers will get several months of operation off of a single charge provided they turn the unit off before traveling. The built in accelerometer wakes the unit up when gently shook or moved and searches for your camera. This uses the most power out of any operation so care should be taken to turn off the unit off before traveling. 

Battery takes 2 hours to charge via USB-C. A red led on the charging status signifies charging, green indicates completed. 

2.5mm Input

This jack allows the customer to add an external "start/stop" switch. A bite switch maybe added but unfortunately the GoPro Camera will not continuously shoot when the switch is depressed. In other words, it will only take a single photo at a time. This is a limitation of the camera's software. Customers can always use the switch to activate Live Burst or time-lapse photos. Futured enhancements can be added as the Blu2Pro is upgradable. 


As cameras change, the software is upgradeable via a future iOS and Android application. 

The same platform may support the following systems in the near future:

  • DJI OSMO Action2
  • Sony BLE Enabled cameras such as Sony a7c


We are manufacturing these units here in the USA with parts sourced internationally. Our first lot is being manufactured now and will be released after some additional quality control. This lot is an eighth of the size we typically manufacturer and additional parts will not be available unit April of 2022.

Get yours while they are available as they will not last long. 


International buyers will most likely get their order after the new year with the current latency of international shipping. Since the BLU2Pro is RF based, it is certified for sale in the EU but other countries may restrict its importation. For countries outside of the EU, I highly recommend sending it to someone who is stateside or using your own third party shipping service. We will send you a tracking number upon the BLU2Pro’s shipment and will not refund your order if it gets lost in customs. I will reach out to each international order for agreement before shipping. Fedex tends to cost around $100 which is also an option if you do not want to take a gamble.

User Manual, Warranty, Specifications, etc.

BLU2Pro User Manual with Specifications

Quick Start Video


† GoPro HERO5 and HERO5 Session will see shorter battery life as Wi-Fi remains enabled. For other cameras, BLE uses minute amount of power and therefore battery life will not be changed. 
‡ On the GoPro HERO10 non v30 speed cards will report a warning. 
* When turning on the camera after 8 hours of inactivity, the Gopro camera is in a deep sleep and a full boot occurs. Within 8 hours, the camera leaves the Bluetooth module on and is a suspended state. Therefore, it will take slightly longer to connect after 8 hours of inactivity as we need to wait for the camera to fully boot up. Additionally, some cameras are severely bogged down while recording. It may take additional time to connect if QuickCapture is used (aka One Button Mode.)


This product and/or service is not affiliated with, endorsed by or in any way associated with GoPro Inc. or its products and services. GoPro, HERO, and their respective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of GoPro, Inc.

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