Hypoxic BLU2Pro Indicator for GoPro Cameras

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For the professional Cameraflyer, the BLU2Pro takes the guesswork out of the status of your GoPro Camera. Stop relying on others and take control of your livelihood today, know the exact status of your GoPro Camera.

BLU2Pro Indicator for GoPro Cameras Skydiving


International buyers please read before purchasing

Camera in the wrong mode?
You'll know.

Battery or Card space running low? 
We got that!

Another go around? 
No more second guessing.

How does it work?

Paired over Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) the BLU2Pro regularly receives status updates from the camera and updates it's three LED indicators. GoPro Inc.'s BLE implementation is very reliable. In fact, we found BLE to be more reliable than a hardwired USB-C solution (and we don't break any laws). The BLU2Pro was designed to use very little power, and you will not notice a difference in battery life of your camera.† 

Quick Start Video


Designed for open face helmets:


  • Low Power, future compatible, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Camera Indicator
  • Intuitive & Standardized Indications: Red for record, Blue for standby, and Yellow for a warning or error. 
  • Rechargeable battery will last for months on a single charge.
  • A slight shake wakes up the device with it's internal accelerometer. No pressing buttons on the BLU2Pro necessary. 
  • 2.5mm input for future enhancements. Currently a switch will start recording, take a single photo, start burst, or activate time-lapse.
  • Shows catastrophic failures such as no card, camera too hot, no space left, and battery depleted with a flashing yellow. 
  • Indicates wrong mode, battery low, card space minimal, and SD rating check warnings with a flashing yellow when record or standby is active.
  • Responsive connectivity.*  

BLU2Pro in standby

Cameras Supported

GoPro HERO12 Black
GoPro HERO11 Black
GoPro HERO11 Mini
GoPro HERO10 Black
GoPro HERO9 Black
GoPro HERO5 Session 
GoPro HERO5  


Reliability was our primary design goal. BLU2Pro units have been in test since early 2021 and have hundreds upon hundreds of jumps under their belt. 

BLU2Pro with GoPro HERO10 Recording

Multi-Function Button

The multi-function button is used to control the Blu2Pro itself. 


  • Put the unit in a deep sleep where the accelerometer will not wake it up. This is good for traveling with your setup.  
  • Pair to a new camera.
  • Update the unit for future firmware updates.

Packaging Includes

BLU2 Unpacking


  • 1x BLU2Pro Indicator System
  • 1x USB type C Charger cable
  • 2x Led Clasps
  • 1x Sticker
  • 1x VHB Tape
  • 1x Label with FCC Compliance
  • No GoPro Camera included


BLU2 Size

The BLU2Pro will fit into most ditter pockets. Its about 3mm thicker than a Quattro but is much skinnier and shorter. We recommend mounting it on an external camera plate if available and an unused ditter pocket if not. 

For more information including mounting, the 2.5mm jack, battery life and availability please continue here


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