Removable Articulating Ringsight Bracket

Removable Articulating Ringsight Bracket

  • 7500

This product is similar to the Schumacher Articulating Bracket but allows the bracket to be removed when the eyesight is not being used. It is slightly taller and longer than the original. New holes will need to be drilled if upgrading from the original articulating bracket. This is for 1/4" post applications but can be used with the 6mm to 1/4inch swivel clamp adapter to convert to European sights. The kit comes with 4 nylon mounting screws and washers. (Actual is Black)

Installation is relatively straight forward but you may want the assistance of someone that has mounted one before. The Removable Articulating Bracket Install Instructions will guide you through the process. Note: The second page contains a CAD drawing of the drill hole locations.

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