Trunk's Active Blow Switch for Sony, Canon, Nikon, and Panasonic Cameras

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A blow switch is known for it's durability and ease of use. Trunk's Blow Switch is manufactured in the US by Trunk himself and terminated with your choice of a Sony Multi/Micro USB plug, Canon 2.5mm, or Panasonic 2.5mm plug. The modular design is easy to install, clean, and service if the need ever arises. Trunk's Blow Switch modular design takes mere seconds to assemble and customize to your helmet. Sensitivity is adjustable via the included jewelry screwdriver. 


  • Sensitivity is finely adjustable to your preference. Anywhere from hair trigger to gale force sensitivity is just a twist away.
  • The mouthpiece stays properly seated with it's curved end.  The bend prevents your mouth from being tugged the whole skydive and is easy to locate if it ever becomes dislodged. 
  • Hose is made from FDA plastics designed for food and beverage. The clear hose is easy to inspect and can be disconnected for regular sanitizing. In contrast, completely sealed systems are a haven for bacteria growth and will fail prematurely as they get 'gunked' up. 
  • Unlike other manufacturers, our Sony Multi/Micro USB cable assembly is active. This means Focus and Shutter will work on the camera when the blow switch is plugged in. With most manufacturers switches, holding the shutter half way down will not pre-focus the camera when their switch is installed.
  • The camera cable is modular and therefore only a small hole needs to be drilled into your helmet for installation. This cable can also be swapped if a different orientation is needed or it fails from misuse.
  • The pressure sensor is Teflon based and contains no lead like other products on the market. No lead (Pb-Free) is used in the construction or soldering of this product. 
  • A multitude of orientations are available to fit your setup's needs. 
  • 1 Year limited warranty. 

Canon Camera customers choose the 2.5mm Canon Option in the Jack Orientation drop down.   

Panasonic Customers choose the Panasonic option

Nikon customers choose the MC-DC2 if your camera contains that style connector. Check your instruction manual to double check. 

Commonly Used Sony Cameras Suggested Orientations

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