Conceptus Tongue Switch for Canon 2.5mm and Adapters

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[2.5mm Canon  | Sony Cameras]

The Tongue Switch is comprised of a 1/2 inch pressure-sensitive switch mechanism, a 1 inch flattened and bite-resistant stem, a 36 inch cable, and your choice of plug with a 90 degree elbow bend. It is configured so that the pressure-sensitive switch face is always oriented towards the user's tongue, regardless of the direction of insertion into the mouth, thus allowing the wire to be routed to the left or right.

The tongue movement required is most similar to that of pressing bubble gum against the back surface of the front teeth before blowing a bubble. The user will feel a "click" each time the switch is depressed, indicating that a photo has been taken. The entire switch assembly is waterproof, and since it is situated entirely within the mouth, no jaw or teeth movement is required to retain or actuate the switch while taking photographs. This allows the Tongue Switch to be used with tight fitting rear-entry helmets and ratcheting chin-cups. This feature makes it the favorite of professional freefall photographers who insist on a perfectly stable camera platform.

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Shipping Weight 1 Ounce 30 Grams
Actual Weight 1/2 Ounce 15 Grams
Length (Total) 2.5mm Variant: 36 Inches
2.5mm Variant: 90cm
Actuation Pressure 10 Ounces 280 Grams
Type Single-pole, single-stage, normally open switch, sealed in flexible waterproof plastic
Country of Origin
United States of America

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