Active Sony Multi/Micro USB 90 degree to 2.5mm Shutter Release Adapter

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Use this adapter to add a wired remote shutter release your Multi Terminal (Sony Multi Term) equipped Sony Still Camera.

Unlike other manufacturers this cable is active. This means you'll be able to properly focus the camera when using the camera's shutter. With other manufacturer's adapters, holding the shutter half way down does not focus the camera while the cable is installed. 

Niklas Cuts away!

For compatibility, check that your particular cameras states "Multi Micro USB" not just "micro USB" in the specification. 

Note: There is a special blow switch option available. Please specify in the notes which orientation you will need. 

Compatibility not limited to:

    Camera Orientation
    NEX-3N Standard
    a7(r/s) Standard
    a7rii Flipped
    a7iii a7riii Sideways A or Flipped*
    a7riv Sideways A or Flipped*
    a7C Not Compatible.
    Need BLE Adapter!
    a9 Sideways A
    RX10 Standard
    a5000 Standard
    a5100 Standard
    a6000 Standard
    a6100 Standard
    a6300 Flipped
    a6400 Standard
    a6500 Flipped
    a6600 Standard
    SLT-A58 Standard
    RX0 Sideways B
    * If using a cage, the Sideways versions are recommended.


    Standard Sony Multiport Orientation

    Check the port to ensure you are getting the correct orientation!


    Flipped port on Sony a6300 

    This wired remote has only the shutter pin accessible via the 2.5mm adapter and is meant for skydiving switches. Internally, it ties the shutter and focus together through an active IC. Please message us if you have a different application. 

     Please check out our Setting up the Sony a6000 for Skydiving Blog Post

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