Conceptus Bite Switch 2.5mm

Conceptus Bite Switch

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The Conceptus bite switch is the defacto bite switch used in the industry. It's time proven design works when the user bites down on the red section of the switch to trigger the camera. This switch comes in two different models: 2.5mm version and Canon N3 version. The 2.5mm version works with any camera that has a 2.5mm shutter jack. This N3 works with Canon still cameras that have the 3 prong 'D' looking like connector.

Our suggestion with any camera switch is to spit it out before deployment to increase the lifespan of the product. From my experience, I've found 1 crappy opening is enough to destroy any bite switch. 

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Shipping Weight 1 Ounce 30 Grams
Actual Weight 1/2 Ounce 15 Grams
Length (Total) 36 Inches 90 Centimeters
Actuation Pressure 10 Pounds 4.48 Kilograms
Type Single-pole, single-stage, normally open switch, sealed in flexible waterproof plastic

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