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GoPro HERO4 Session / Codname: Rocky Point

Firmware version: HX1.01.01.00 (Based on GoPro HERO3+ Silver code base ARM/Thumb)
Linux/ arm Kernel

Processor: Ambarella A7L_BUB (core freq: 156mhz, arm freq: 600mhz, idsp freq: 133mhz)
Sensor: On Semi AR0835HS - High speed sensor supporting 8 Mp (4:3) and 6 Mp (16:9) up to 60 fps
Flash: Micron MT29F2G08ABAEA - SLC NAND Flash Parallel 3.3V 2Gbit 256M x 8bit
DDR: 2GB, 377Mhz, LPDDR2 
Power Management Unit: AMS AS3715 
Accelerometer: bma2x2 - Bosch Sensortec MEMS accelerometer
A2D: TLV320 - Automotive Catalog Stereo Audio CODEC, 8- to 96 kHz

config.gz (Linux version 
(See Open Source software for GoPro HERO3:


  • Hold down top and wifi button for 10 seconds to reset to factory defaults
  • Hold down top button for 10 seconds to perform a hard power off 


(See our GitHub Repo)

  • autoexec.ash scripts work again v.1.00
  • cal.txt _tapp for v.1.50 (New) See: GoPro HERO4 Session v1.50 Scripting
  • Able to connect to linux & rtos console over usb
  • Parameter file allows for camera to boot up in 2 click mode (power then record)
  • MSC / MTP can be set via script

Please let us know if you need any custom GoPro Camera solutions.

NOTE: Editors please reference this page if you use any of the above data in your articles. 


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