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GoPro HERO12 Black "Red Bluff"

As in years past, this article is a quick and dirty rundown on the GoPro HERO12. It mainly focuses on the hardware, but touches on the firmware changes and the future features. I point out my opinions where they exist, but this article's purpose is to be a factual review on GoPro's latest offering. 

  • $299.99usd with subscription or pre-order
    $399.99usd Full Retail
  • HW Version: 335-31959-000-2
    Same hardware as GoPro HERO11 without GPS antenna nor IC
  • 71.8W x 50.8H x 33.6Dmm at 154 grams
    (Same as HERO[10,11])
  • Battery: Same Enduro battery (1720mAh )
  • Camera ID: 62 Model: H23.01
  • New 1/4-20 thread in mounting fingers
  • Blue flakes impregnated in plastic enclosure
  • FCCID: CNF-SPBL1 (Same as GoPro HERO10 Black & HERO11 Black)
  • GoPro HERO12 User Manual
  • New eco packaging. No more case.  


There are no changes in hardware aside from the removal of the GPS module and it's corresponding antenna. The weight is the exact same so it's assumed no heatsink material was added. It is possible the switch mode power supply components were adjusted to conserve power, but it seems all the power conservation was done in firmware. 

GoPro HERO12 is a GoPro HERO11

According to their regulatory information, both the GoPro HERO11 and GoPro HERO12 contain the same hardware version. They are therefore the same camera minus the software upgrades and GPS module.

Hardware Version: 335-31959-000-2. Complete snippet below:

HERO11 Regulatory Information

GoPro HERO11 HW Information

HERO12 Regulatory Information (The exact same!)

GoPro HERO12 HW Information


In conclusion, if you're buying a GoPro HERO12, you're buying a software upgrade for a kneecapped hardware version. Although the firmware is signed, it is possible that someone will backport the GoPro HERO12 firmware onto the GoPro HERO11.


  1. Removal of GPS/GNSS and compass module.
  2. 1/4-20 thread in mounting fingers.
  3. Possible GP2 processor stepping (aka revision).
    I will double check this once I can run more tests on the unit. 

GoPro HERO12 Fingers with 1/4-20 bolt

Firmware Low-Level

  1. Charger current limit has been changed
  2. Socionext middleware update 1.500 vs 1.400 on GoPro HERO11. This is likely where the power reduction comes from. 
  3. Compiler change
      gcc-aarch64 8.2-2019.01 to
      gcc-aarch64 10.3-2021.07
  4. Stack canaries
  5. Power saving tweaks
  6. Bootstrap, supervisor cleanup, and security lockdown

Be sure to check out the Socionext GP2 Research performed for on the GoPro HERO11. I'll update this article when I get a chance on the EL3 relocation. 

Firmware Features

All of these features could run on the GoPro HERO10 and HERO11 without any trouble. 

  • Bluetooth audio support This is the best new feature on the GoPro HERO12 and brings its offerings up to that already present on the Insta360 product line. This is all software and should work with most major Bluetooth microphone manufacturers ex: Airpod, Rode. 
  • Bluetooth Broadcast Mode Now you can connect to a BLE remote such as the Volta or our BLU2Pro and connect to your smart device at the same time! This multiple connection is extremely convenient. 
  • User interface overhaul The new user interface is exceptional. Kudos to the UX team on this implementation!
  • Interval Mode in Photo mode. No more jumping through hoops to take a photo every x seconds! You can now setup an interval right on the photo mode without having to switch to timelapse mode and make a custom photo mode. 
  • HDR Video It appears the GoPro does use a bracketing or dual iso mode available off of the IMX677L. I'll have to research this more but this is an exciting new feature. 
  • Timecode sync This is a feature they added for the professional user. It requires your smart device as a base so it's something that can be quickly added to the GoPro HERO[9-11] if GoPro wishes. 
  • GP Log and LUT downloads Finally! Great feature for creators treating video from different manufacturers. 
  • Power Saving I believe most of the power saving was accomplished by Socionext doing power analysis in their latest middleware. It's also likely GoPro Inc. didn't turn off power to the GNSS receiver even when GPS was turned off. Therefore, removing the device helped out power consumption. Adding a pFET and some buffers wouldn't have fixed this issue for a few pennies.

In my opinon, removing the GPS was a shortsighted decision and shows usage analytics don't paint the full picture of customers' usage model. If they made GPS widgets readily available in the software, I'm sure people would use it on every video. I know I would on fast skydives but didn't often as they downgraded the sampling time and it was a PIA in software. 

Max Wide Lens Mod 2.0

Built for the 8:7 aspect ratio sensor this lens is codenamed Roadrunner. The original Lens Mod is codenamed Hemicuda. The internal lens is codenamed Loris.

GoPro MAX2.0 Lens Mod

New BLE remote with extension pole

GoPro is launching a new small BLE remote powered by a coincell battery. This remote CNF-ACCH1 passed FCC regulations on Sept 1, 2023 The remote is part of an the new extension pole and is removable. It can worn around your wrist or your equipment. The remote is waterproof, but does not work underwater. RF in the 2.4Ghz band doesn't work well submerged. 

The extension pole and remote, part AGXTS-002, will sell for $79.99usd and is due out in October.

New GoPro Remote

GoPro ACCH1 Remote

Future Products

In the past, GoPro Inc. has left information about their future products in their firmware. This release is no exception. Here is a preview of what is to come.  

GoPro MAX2.0 "Pebbles" Model: 64

Based on two Sony IMX677 this product is in engineering test. With a z600 Lens by Nittoh, it will also have both a front 240x240 and rear 552x368 LCD. Power will remain via Qorvo ACT9150 and ACT88760 PMICs.

GoPro Max2.0

GoPro 1Inch possibly "Porto" Model: 63

There is references to an Sony IMX989 in their device tree. This could be an internal test device or truly the start of a GoPro 1inch version. With a 552x368 LCD it's the same LCD as the GoPro MAX which means the dimensions may not be the same as the HERO[9-12].

Below is the fake "1Inch GoPro leak" released a day after DJI announced their DJI Osmo Action4.

GoPro 1Inch Vaporware

GoPro HERO13

We may see a IMX877 on the next GoPro Camera. 


In my opinion, GoPro made it clear that they do not care about the environment with this product launch. Providing an upgrade to the existing HERO11 fleet would illustrate GoPro's commitment to the environment and their existing products. 

Although I love the new software features, selling "new hardware", just for the software upgrades is just slimy. 

Design Wins

Socionext M20V
GoPro GP2

Package on Package

Imaging Processor
"GoPro GP2" processor (M20V)

Micron MT53E512M64D2NZ-46 Code: D8CZK



High performance, low power single-stream 11ac MU-MIMO and Bluetooth 5 in a single chip solution.


Tall sensor 27.5MPixel 1/1.9inch (8.42mm) 8:7 aspect ratio, SLVS Interface 

Geometry 5663px x 4949 12-bit 
Used 5598px x 4926 10-bit (27.13MP)
Output Video: 5312px x 3984px


Accelerometer / Gyro pair 6-axis sensor. 
Loris Lens codename
UBlox MAX-M10S



Stereo Audio
PMIC (Power Management IC) for Socionext.
Power supply, charging, and LED control


PMIC #2 0v8 AVS regulator



Rear LCD (0xC3)
16.7M-color  (368px by 552px)
320px by 552px used
Manufacturers: BOE, NVD, Tianma


Rear Touch
sensor  368px by 552px


Front LCD 
320RGB x 480 dot 262K Color
Manufacturers: Tianma or Truly

Security Enclave
"Micronesia 3.0?"

  • USB-C PD
  • Accessory authenticator to ATSHA204
  • Battery Authentication 
  • Reset Handler Monitor
  • RTC - Always "on"
  • Encrypted and SIGNED boot & app
  • Authenticates BQ Battery sensor


8GB eMMC 5.1 HS400 interface
Pericom (Diodes Inc.)
USB Type-C port demulitplexor
Pericom (Diodes Inc.)
USB BC2.1 Charge Detector
GoPro Enduro Battery Chem-ID 0x3936
TI Fuel Gauge TI SN27Z562

Additional Resources

GoPro HERO11/HERO11 Mini Teardown
GoPro Research GitHUB Repo

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