GoPro HERO4 4.00 Interesting facts

Posted by Mark Kirschenbaum on

A lot of neat little breadcrumbs in the latest software. Here are some interesting tidbits:

New Cable called "Kirkwood" which allows the camera to startup in a MTP / Serial control mode. This cable is for controlling and unloading data off the camera. Fairly certain Kirkwood is the code name for the Karma Drone.

BLE Sdk is now available. We see some talk about voice control and assist with this feature. We need to dabble into it more. 

New product code names include: Himalayas, Squirrels, Streaky, and Margaret River. Margaret River is probably GoPro HERO5. 

GoPro Inc. removed the RTOS shell from this release. Not sure why they make their lives harder.

The code base for the GoPro HERO5 will be basically the same as the HERO4. In fact, it appears you will be able to turn on EIS  (Electrical Stabilization) with a slight firmware tweak on the GoPro HERO4.

GPTunnel seems to be a new method to communicate between RTOS and Linux. We'll figure out what the usage is and report back. 

Lots of news with the GoPro HERO5 out there. Sounds like the USB-C is the way of the future and goodbye to the back connector. USB-C allows for interesting interfaces so figure all future products will go over USB-C with a dedicated pin for syncing multiple cameras.

The rest of the control interfaces will move from the i2c to CDC serial or vendor specific MTP commands. The GoPro HERO4 already has complete access to their SDK over MTP so figure this will just port to the new cameras. 

Looks like with a small change of firmware we can enable the EIS test software on the HERO4 software. 

We'll keep this up to date as we determine more.

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