Hints for traveling in an RV across country

Posted by Mark Kirschenbaum on

We did the boogie tour last year and going to do a shorter one this year here are some pointers:

  1. Get long acid handling gloves for dumping the waste
  2. Always were shoes when dumping. I personally only used one old pair for this. Sandles is too close to the action.
  3. Get a good dumping hose. It coming off is just discussing
  4. Get a book called "The next exit" It is a must!
  5. Find or print out the manuals for everything in the RV. Everything! You'll need it
  6. Get a strong set of wrentches and sockets
  7. Get a breaker bar for the lug nuts
  8. RV stores have a little ramp thing for changing tires so you don't have to jack up the RV get one of those.
  9. Check tire pressure often and then check it more often
  10. Have the shop ensure spare tires are full pressure when you get them
  11. how to service your generator if you have one. There is an adjustment for altitude on them too. Change it when in the rockies.
  12. An air compressor to fill up your tires is a nice thing to have.
  13. If you have the time, have a shop break all the bolts on the tires of your RV and then retighten them by hand. Replace worn out lug nuts.
  14. Triple check any type of leveling jacks are up before you leave. 
  15. Watch for over hanging trees and branches.
  16. Get a real GPS and hide it when you are not in the car

That's all I can think of for right now, good luck!

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