GoPro HERO4 Black / Silver loses Wifi Settings

Posted by Mark Kirschenbaum on

On the latest firmware if the battery is removed with the camera powered on, you may lose your WiFi settings. This will require you to pair the camera again with the GoPro App. Our recommendation is to not remove the battery if at all possible while the camera is powered on. If you do so, its best to make it a quick, assertive pull. We have also seen this sometimes when a customer formats via their computer. In the past this has happened when a customer first connects a GoPro HERO4 to a virgin Mac.

This bug was removing our firmware off of the GoPro Camera, but with the latest release, our software will stay programmed no matter what happens to the camera's configuration. 

Technical information for GoPro Inc.

Always happens with this:

nftl_stg2: NftlCreateLbaTbl erase current block 3654 (already)
and erases a: and b: fuse drives

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