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Unfortunately there is no human readable settings information in the GoPro MP4 file.  However there are few bits that contain the camera's information. Hypoxic wrote a tool to extract the GoPro settings and the times of the highlight tags.

This tool was made for the GoPro HERO4 but may work for older cameras. Leave feedback on HYPOXIC's Facebook page or git repository if you have suggestions.  

For MAC OSx GoProInfo v. 0.0.5
For PC GoProInfo v. 0.0.6

Based upon Bento4, the source code is located on GitHub.

GoProInfo <file path>
run GoProInfo and drag the file onto the console and press enter

GoPro Camera MP4 Information Parser 
Version 0.0.6
Get Hypoxic LLC - GPL v2
Updates at
(Using Bento4 Version

Drag the file onto the console and press return
"F:\2015 Videos\2015-10-27 Nationals\GOPR9178.MP4"
F:\2015 Videos\2015-10-27 Nationals\GOPR9178.MP4

Resolution: 2704x1520 depth 24 (H.264)
Duration: 88755 ms
Bitrate: 59974.720 Kbps
Frame Rate: 59.940fps

(MPEG-4 Audio)
Buffer Size: 8192
Sample Rate: s48000
Sample Size: 16
Channels: 2
Duration: 88768 ms
Bitrate: 128.010 Kbps

GoPro HERO4 Black

FW Version:

Lens Serial:

GoPro Camera Serial (MD5 Encoded - HERO4):

Camera Capture Settings:
(0x40000000 0x4590 0x0)

mode: Video
orientation: Up
spotmeter: Off
fov: Wide
lowlight: On
superview: Off
protune: On
protune_wb: Auto*
protune_color: GoPro Color*
protune_iso: 1600*
protune_sharpness: High*
protune_ev: 0

timelapse_rate: 0
broadcast_privacy: 0
media_type: 0

Media Unique Identifier:

Hightlight Tags:
2 highlights
10393 ms
15065 ms

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