GoPro HERO5 Secret Voice Commands

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GoPro Oh shit! Secret Voice Commands

The GoPro HERO5 Session and GoPro HERO5 Black have only a few voice commands. 

Most are documented on the Black by pulling down from the top of the screen, choosing Preferences->List of Commands. We did find a couple that weren't documented. Here is the complete list as of the 1.20 release.

GoPro HERO5 Voice Commands


Turn On - with Remo?
Turn Off

Timelapse Mode
Start Timelapse
Stop Timelapse

Video Mode
Start Video
Stop Video
Start Recording
Stop Recording

Photo Mode
Take a Photo

Burst Mode
Shoot Burst - Works in any mode

That was Sick - Highlights (doesn't need GoPro first)
Oh Shit! (doesn't need GoPro first)

We do have GoPro HERO5s for sale locally or if you are a skydiver. Sorry, due to fraud we only sell to people we can confirm their identity. Contact us on Facebook!

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