How to tighten up a Camera Mount

Posted by Mark Kirschenbaum on

Overtime we've learned some tricks to tighten up a still's camera mount. Here is a quick pictorial. 

Making a schumacher mount stiffer
A nifty trick we recently learned is to warp the mount just a tad. With a soft mallet give the mount a stiff jab. Try it out. This will fix any play in the mount. Flip it over and reverse the process if its a bit too tight. Obviously don't use a standard hammer!

loc-tite for a camera mount
At first I was uneasy, but this is actually a great idea. Apply "removable" Loc-Tite to a camera mount before screwing it in and it will minimize how much torque you'll need to apply to keep it tight. The nice thing, is it's removable.

Add a set screw
We add a nylon set screw to our plate to prevent the camera from spinning if it gets hit. Using this an a velcro strap is a surefire way to keep your camera mount steady.

The final trick is if your mount is not sliding well anymore. We use a bit of nose grease to lube it up. This stuff works super well!
Trunk uses his nose grease.... ewww!

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