Fixed: GoPro HERO9 / HERO10 Advisory

Posted by Mark Kirschenbaum on

This bug is now fixed in the latest releases
GoPro HERO9 v.1.72 
GoPro HERO10 v1.42
Please update immediately. 

<Left for future reference>

There is a major bug with the latest GoPro HERO9 (v1.70) GoPro HERO10 (v1.40) firmware that puts the camera into an endless rebooting state. They haven't been forth coming as to what causes the failure but have amassed it's something to do with old wireless connections being stored when an upgrade occurs. The suggestion is to do a factory reset after the upgrade before using the camera for any adventure where you will be away from a computer. In other words, upgraded and then do this factory reset. You only need to do this once.

This is needed for firmware versions GoPro HERO9 v1.70 and GoPro HERO10 v.1.40. See Preferences->About->Camera Info if you are unsure. I assume an update will be happening sometime in late May.

To perform a Factory Reset from the screen:

  1. Swipe down and unlock if necessary
  2. Swipe right and choose Preferences
  3. Scroll to the bottom and choose Reset
  4. Choose Factory Reset
  5. Confirm the Reset
  6. Reconnect your smart device and any BLE based accessories you may own. 
  7. Setup your camera settings for your needs.
    Here is what we suggest for skydiving

If your GoPro constantly reboots please follow this procedure from GoPro Inc. directly. 

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