GoPro Hero9 Black Teardown

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Updated: Sept-21-2020
GoPro HERO9 (Boilers) was just released. There are some significant hardware changes notably the new sensor-lens combo, WiFi-Bluetooth chipset, front LCD, and a higher power density battery. However, most of the power comes from software enhancements.

Although not a physical teardown,  we're able to extrapolate everything from the camera's firmware updates. Logs and such will be posted on our GitHub Repo as our research continues.

The following are are the major changes from the GoPro HERO8:

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  • Finally a new 24 megapixel sensor using the Sony IMX677 1/2.3 sensor. Sorry, still no 1" sensor.
  • Replaceable lens cover and "Max SuperMax" new lens for larger Field of View (FOV) Codenamed "Hemicuda". Loris is the new lens manufacturer.
  • 5.3K @ 30fps video with Hypersmooth 3.0
  • 20MP photos. No longer 8 or 12MP now named "Wide, Linear, Natural, or SuperMax"
  • Complete microphone mechanical redesign. Should allow for much better audio in windy situations and quicker water drain. See the new wide Microphone recess below the mode button.

Updated Microphone on GoPro HERO9
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  • Front facing liveview enabled color LCD in addition to upgraded rear LCD. Front facing LCD is not touch enabled. 
  • Hypersmooth 3.0 - Added stabilization. Maybe a punch out from an even wider FOV lens like we see with the HERO mode on the GoPro MAX. 
  • Still uses custom Socionext SC2000A aka GP1. Linux Kernel now is aware of the multiple cores although it may not be able to use them.
  • Updated MIMO enabled WiFi & Bluetooth module for faster download and 1080P streaming
  • "Hindsight" Option - Always recording a 5 to 10 seconds before you press record.
  • Webcam support in mainline updates
  • Possible deep sleep for super long timelapses.
  • PowerPano automatic leveling panoramic.
  • Battery, USB, and card access door redesigned. (See added tab on battery below). Battery & USB-C positions the same. 
  • Whole new bigger battery with new check in security enclave preventing cloned "blue top batteries" from working correctly. GoPro promotes 30% more battery life average over all modes.


The GoPro HERO9 is significantly bigger and heavier than the HERO8. However, the 32 grams should not affect skydivers necks all that much. Below is the comparison chart. 

Weight (g) 158g 126g
Length (mm) 71 66.3
Height (mm) 55 48.6
 Width (mm) 33.6 28.4

    (Image credit:

    Code Names & IDS

    Codename: Boilers
    ID: 0x7262
    Model: 55
    Model: HD9.01

    GoPro HERO9 Black Extracted Logo
    Logo from GoPro Inc. Matches Image Renders

    Design Wins

    No Change

    Socionext SC2000A custom (GP1)

    Imaging Processor
    "GoPro GP1" processor (M9M)
    Cortex A7 hardware Floating Point / CEVA DSP / Cortex M0 coprocessor



    High performance, low power single-stream 11ac MU-MIMO and Bluetooth 5 in a single chip solution.


    Sony IMX677

    Diagonal 7.85 mm (Type 1/2.3) CMOS Image Sensor with Square Pixel for Color Cameras. 23.91 M effective Pixels. SLVS interface
    Analogix ANX7816  Slimport Transceiver to Media Mod. HDMI still not built in on GoPro HERO9.
    Bosch BMI260 IMU Accelerometer / Gyro pair 6-axis sensor. 
    UBlox UBX-M8030-CT GPS Receiver u-blox M8 GNSS chip, WL-CSP47, Standard grade. New gpio for LNA feedback. 
    Active Semi ACT9150 PMIC (Power Management IC) for Socionext.
    Power supply, charging, and LED control
    TI TPS62866 Additional 0.9V regulator. Replaces ACT88326 on GoPro HERO8.


    Sitronix st7701s

    Rear LCD, 16.7M-color  (368px by 552px)


    FocalTech ft3308

    Rear Touch sensor  368px by 552px
    Sitronix st7796h Front LCD 320RGB x 480 dot 262K Color


    Apple MFI

    No longer present in system
    Loris + Hemicuda Lens Codename. Loris is the manufacturer
    Hyper Smooth(HemiCuda) which is the GoPro Supermax add-on
    Microchip SAM L22 USB-C PD / Accessory Sentinel / Battery Authentication  / Reset Handler / RTC
    Always "on"
    64Kb Encrypted bootloader & app 
    Still authenticates Battery and SHA204 as before
    Need to confirm, but believe they are no longer using the FUSB302 PD controller, but still FUSB variant. Possibly 0x3D device id.
    NXP PCF85063A Real Time Clock attached to SAM L22. May be a fake device. 
    DSP Group DBMD4 "Ultra Low Power Always-On Voice Activation for Any Device" Audio DSP pre-processor. Firmware is the same.


    1720mAh Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

    TI SN27Z562 Fuel Gauge and authentication chip

    Li Ion 1720mAh 
    2.8v Depleted voltage
    3.4v Hysteresis voltage
    3.5v Normal voltage
    4.340 End of Charge Voltage
    1.16 ounces

    Chem-ID 0x3936 TI Fuel Gauge
    TI SN
    GoPro type '3'

    Checks "Certified by GoPro" Device Name & "Genuine TI SN27Z562" Manufacturer Name which is new


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    Thank you! - Hypoxic Team

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