GoPro HERO4 Session v1.50 Scripting - Advanced Users Only!

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GoPro removed autoexec from v.1.50 of the GoPro HERO4 Session. Some people have been asking us for this functionality again. Re-implementing autoexec would be a huge undertaking and therefore we looked for a different solution. After some digging, most of the functionality is available as part of the calibration routines.

GoPro HERO4 Session Hacks

Simply create a 'cal.txt' file and place the lines: _tapp <test app command> for your script.
For instance cal.txt to set usb mode to msc looks like:

_tapp test led force 1 1 0
_tapp test led force 1 0 0
_tapp usb msc

 This script simply

  1. Flashes the front led
  2. Sets usb mode to msc (upon reset)
  3. Buzzes the speaker

Unfortunately, there is no shell based commands to enhance the script so 'rm <filename>' is now missing. It also has a 7 second delay after bootup before the script runs. It's not super strong, but it is something!

We suggest using 'no_shutdown.txt' to make the GoPro HERO4 Session run in two button mode. Running without this will most likely crash your camera. Remove the card and hold down the top button if your camera starts acting funky. Remember to go back to MTP mode once you're done with your experiments.

The possible commands are located in t_app.txt

The full repository is located at github/hypoxic/hero4-session.

As always use at your own risk! Get HYPOXIC LLC and GoPro Inc. are not responsible for any damage using this information.

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