Mandatory Upgrade For Turned On Indicator

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We messed up, but we got you!

Recently, HYPOXIC received a couple Turned On units with just the blue LED burnt out. This week we determined the root cause, created a software fix, and tested it on all supported cameras. The last part is on you! Please take a moment to update your Turned On before this happens to you.

If you haven't updated your Turned On by HYPOXIC in a while, you'll enjoy the faster boot up and overall robustness of the solution. Please pass on the good word, and let your buddies know they should update!

Here are some quick links to make it easy!

Mac based Turned On Updater
PC based Turned On Updater

Instructions and the latest releases are always located on Turned On's site

Turned On's current supported cameras

  • GoPro HERO4 Black/Silver
  • GoPro HERO3+ Black/Silver
  • GoPro HERO3 Black/Silver

Our apologies!

<Nerd Content>

While the GoPro Camera finishes charging it may source more than 4.2 volts to the battery. The charging circuit should never produce more than 4.2v as it's bad for the longevity of Li-Ion batteries. Nonetheless, it's causing our LEDs to sink too much current, and after extended periods, prematurely burning them out. This software release keeps the LEDs off during charging, therefore preventing the over-current condition. If you see someone whose camera is on while charging, and their Turned On is shining, please have them update ASAP!

Ps. The GoPro charges much faster with the camera off!

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